The editor, associate editors and editorial board of Computer Assisted Language Learning: an International Journal (Taylor and Francis) extend a cordial invitation to attend the XVth International CALL Research Conference at Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan, May 24-27, 2012.

The series of biennial conferences was launched at Exeter University by Keith Cameron, former editor and now honorary editor. Jozef Colpaert took over the editorship in 2002, and has, since then, organized  five ‘Antwerp CALL Conferences’. Given the nature and scope of the CALL Journal (interdisciplinary and intercontinental), this year we are embarking on a new path to expanding the conference venues beyond western Europe.

Our 2012 conference will be held in a country where CALL activity is dynamic and innovative as can be seen in the contributions to the Journal. Providence University, Taichung, will offer a perfect venue, presenting a new and fascinating locale for regular attendees of the Conference, while providing enhanced opportunities for CALL colleagues in China, Japan and South-East Asia, along with Australia, to participate.

Keynote speakers will include Rick Kern (UC Berkeley) and Hsien-Chin Liou (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) who will introduce the conference theme: THE MEDIUM MATTERS

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The Providence CALL Award

Two plenaries from the collection of submissions will be selected prior to the conference, and at the end of the conference the most innovative presenters will also be awarded various grand prizes, including an award for Best presentation and a Best graduate student Award.
Click here for The 14th International CALL Research Conference, 2010.

Sponsoring Organizations / Projects

  • 靜宜大學研究發展處 (Office of Research and Development)
  • 國科會補助學者提昇國際影響力試辦方案 (拋光計畫)
  • 數位典藏與數位學習國家型科技計畫之數位學習國際合作計畫 (International Collaboration on e-Learning Project)
  • 101年度 【數位典藏與數位學習國家型科技計畫-「數位技術研發與整合計畫」分項計畫-子計畫二︰「數位學習環境與工具開發計畫」執行規劃推動計畫】
  • 行政院國家科學委員會 (National Science Council, ROC)
  • 經濟部國際貿易局 (Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA)
  • 教育部 (Ministry of Education)
  • 台中市政府( Taichung City Government)
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  • 國立台中教育大學 (National Taichung University of Education)
  • 國立臺灣科技大學 (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
  • 國立臺灣科技大學 數位學習與教育研究所
  • 國立臺灣科技大學 網路學習研究中心
  • 國立雲林科技大學 (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology)
  • 國立台中科技大學 (National Taichung University of Science and Technology)
  • 國立屏東科技大學 (National Pintung University of Science and Technology
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