Topics of Interest

This conference is for you if …

  • you are an adept of a strict pedagogy-driven approach; you want to design a powerful language learning environment based on sound pedagogical principles and models; you do not believe technology has an inherent learning effect, but you evaluate the usefulness of media according to their potential contribution to your goal.
  • you prefer a more education-oriented approach; you know what is needed in a particular language learning/teaching situation, and you try to determine to what extent available technologies match this demand, and which technologies should be developed.
  • you are a committed affordance-oriented practitioner; you try to discover in every medium new possibilities for learning, based on examples of Good Practice.
  • you, as practitioner or researcher, know that technology changes the way people communicate, the way they perceive each other, and the way they read and write.
  • you adopt an attribute-based approach, analyzing correlations between system features and learning effectiveness.
  • you are a surfer on the wave of every hype, waiting in line for a new system or the latest version of a given technology, and you want to be the first to try it out in an educational setting.

    Important Dates

    Full text (1000 words) submission: April 5, 2012


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