Paper Submission

You are hereby invited to present your current CALL activities, highlighting the role of the medium seen from your angle of attack: experimental/empirical research, design, evaluation or research-based and research-oriented practice.

We welcome proposals that address any of the above or related topics, as well as those involving studies of other aspects that may directly or indirectly influence the impact of the medium on language teaching and learning.

Deadline for submissions is 30 November 2011. Please send your abstract(s) and biodata to Notification of acceptance: 15 January 2011. Submission of full text: 5 April 2012. All full papers will be included in the official pre-conference proceeding, which will be published professionally in both an USB drive with an ISBN number and print form with an ISBN. ALL contributors will also be invited to submit and publish their work at the Special Issue of 2012 CALL Journal. Submitted articles will undergo the standard double-blind review process.

Next to the invited plenaries (keynotes), the scientific committee will select four plenaries from the collection of submissions. There will also be an award for Best Presentation and a Best Graduate Student Award.

The 15th International CALL Research Conference and Graduate Student Paper Competition in 2012

第十五屆電腦輔助語言學習國際研討會將設置以下獎項:(1)最佳專題演講者 (Selected Plenary Speakers) (2)最佳論文發表獎(Best Presentation Award)以及(3)研究生論文獎(Awards for Best Graduate Student Papers):
  • 最佳專題演講者 (Selected Plenary Speakers):The CALL Scientific Committee 評審委員會委員,於研討會全文論文投稿結束後,從投稿者的全文論文中,選出2篇最佳的論文邀請成為會議議程中之專題演講者,為本研討會最高榮譽之一。
  • The Plenary Speakers will be first chosen by the CALL Scientific Committee based on full-paper submissions, and then those chosen will be invited to present as plenary speakers for the conference.
  • 最佳論文發表獎 (Best Presentation Award):由所有與會的學者專家,在研討會結束前,對所有的論文報告者,予以不記名投票,評選出最佳的論文報告者4名,以作為最佳論文發表優勝者。優勝者將可獲頒獎狀,並可免費參加2014年第16屆CALL國際研討會。
  • The Best Presentation Award will be selected by all the participants (audience) at the end of the conference by voting. The 4 Best Presentation Award winners are eligible to attend the 16th International Conference free of charge.
  • 研究生論文獎 (Awards for Best Graduate Student Papers):特別為國內外所有研究生所設置,本會將特別公告邀請各國CALL相關領域研究生參加投稿。其相關辦法如下:
  • 參加國際研究生論文大賽之條件:(1)第一作者必須為研究生(First Author),(2)研究生必須為論文的發表者(Presenter),(3)傳送全文論文時請於E-mail主旨中註明參與研究生論文大賽,並於領獎時出示學生證或相關文件以茲證明。
    To be considered for the International Graduate Student Research Paper Competition, the graduate student must be the first author as well as the presenter of the paper. Please request to be considered when emailing your full text (because the selection of award recipients will be based on the full text). Student identification will be requested before receiving the award.
  • 研究生論文獎項Awards for Best Graduate Student Papers include:
    • Taylor & Francis Award
      • Taylor & Francis PhD Award (one recipient): NT 8,000
      • Taylor & Francis MA/MS Award (one recipient): NT 8,000
      • (All PhD and MA/MS students are eligible to be chosen for the respective awards.)
    • Winhoe Award
      • Winhoe PhD Award (two recipients): NT 8,000 each
      • Winhoe MA/MS Awards (two recipients): NT 8,000 each
      • (Winhoe[畹禾有限公司] sponsors awards only for PhD and MA/MS students who are currently pursuing degrees in Taiwan.)
    • Luking Library Award (two recipients): NT 8,000 each
    • (Sponsored by the R&D of Providence University only for MA/MS PU students.)

The 15th CALL Conference首次從比利時移師台灣靜宜大學舉辦實屬不易, 敬邀貴單位師生及學者專家踴躍投稿與會,共襄盛舉。

Important Dates

Full text (1000 words) submission: April 5, 2012


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