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The Heart of Taiwan

Situated in the middle of the country, Taichung is regarded as the heart of Taiwan. Taichung has a pleasant climate and a population of just over 2 million people, making it the third largest city in Taiwan. While its population density is the third highest on the island, thanks to the Central Taiwan Science Park, rapid industrial development has also helped the city improve living, cultural, educational and medical standards greatly.

The Central Taiwan Science Park

The establishment of the Central Taiwan Science Park has helped unite industrial and business sectors. The park project, which began in July, 2003, is greatly supported by the local and federal governments. Thanks to the city's natural and cultural resources, a great number of factories moved into the park and teamed up with Taichung's Industrial Park, the Software Technology Park, and the Taichung Fine Machinery Technology Park in 2004. As a result, Taichung's Technology Corridor was formed.


Taichung is blessed with a pleasant climate. It is often compared to California because of the frequency of dry, sunny days. The city enjoys mild weather throughout the year, with the average annual temperature being a comfortable 23˚C. Rain falls generously in the wet season (May – August) and scarcely in the dry season (October – February). The unique basin landform means that the city suffers less from typhoons than other areas in Taiwan.


Always a great place to sample local cuisine, in the last decade Taichung has seen an explosion of interest in all kinds of world cuisine. Today, great options are available for lovers of all cuisine types, ranging from Turkish to Teppanyaki, from Mexican to Mongolian. Taichung is famous for its tasty, authentic cuisine with better decor and far better prices! There is no better place to eat local food in Taiwan than here - and Taichung is certainly near the top of the local food chain in terms of quality and quantity!
On a daily basis, the food is served in little local shops and stands that appear on nearly every block of the city. Some like the cafeterias, a pick-and-choose option that offers good variety for low prices. Others like noodles, which come in a wide range of options from won ton noodles to beef noodles. Dumplings of various sorts are common, and very popular with expatriates - especially the boiled dumplings, steamed dumplings and fried dumplings. More upscale in price is seafood, which is plentiful and popular in this island nation. Sometimes the restaurants themselves are upscale in decor, but often the best spots are the least attractive. Taiwanese love to gather together, share a big seafood meal and drink together - one of the true Taiwanese experiences all foreigners should try.
Another popular option, especially for winter-time gatherings, is to visit a hot pot restaurant. These places offer a do-it-yourself experience, as diners select a wide variety of ingredients to dump into simmering pots (for individuals or groups), served with various sauces, rice and other side dishes. The soup is excellent for keeping warm on cold nights. Upscale sit-down banquet restaurants are more formal, and usually serve a range of dishes both local and from mainland China on a "lazy susan". There are of course a myriad of other options not mentioned here, from Peking Duck to local aboriginal cuisine. While you are here, your best bet is to try them all!
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