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Welcome to the world of World-Wide-Web. This is the home page of Yaw-Ling Lin, Dept CSIE, Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan. To see my publications and research interests, click  here for my vita.  You might want to take a look of my photos taken these years. There have been visitors visit this site since Jan 14th, 2005; welcome back.

Yaw-Ling LinProfessor, Dept. Computer Sci. and Information Engineering,

Providence University, Sha-Lu, Taiwan 433
Tel: 011-886-4-2632-8001 ext 18201 ; 011-886-4-2664-5089 ; 26645015

Fax: -4-2632-4045

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Courses Materials in Providence

The following are some materials covered in my courses:

HTML/WWW: Writing, Specs

The following offer advice on how to write "good" HTML:

JAVA: Writing, Specs

Outer Links

Here are some interesting internet resources that I often visit:

  1. 蕃薯藤台灣網際 網路索引 Yam Web Naivigator
  2. Yahoo!
  3. CGI Testing
  4. 靜宜大學生物資訊研 究中心 (bioinfo.cs.pu.edu.tw)
  5. gopher://gopher.pu.edu.tw/
  6. NCTU FTP site
  7. Socket Programming Guide
  8. ftp://ftp.nctu.edu.tw/documents/Internet/RFC/fyi-index.txt

Personal Information

Lin, Yaw-Ling (林 耀鈴) & Huang, Wei-Hui (黃 微惠) & son: Heng-Sheng Michael Lin (林恆陞) & daughter: Wuan-Chian Annie Lin (林婉茜)

Processor, Dept. Computer Science & Information Management, Providence University
Office: 200 Chung Chi Road, Sha-Lu, Taichung, Taiwan 43309
Home: 臺 中市西屯路三段159119314樓 之1
Phone: (04)2632-8001 ext 13041 (O) 
Fax: (04) 2632-4045(O)
Email: yllin@pu.edu.twyawlin@cs.pu.edu.tw

Research Interest: Algorithmic Graph Theory, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Computational Geometry, Data Compression, Visibility Graphs, Square Graphs, Computer Network.